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We offer personalised estate planning solutions for a secure future. Our experienced team provides expert guidance and support to create comprehensive and effective estate plans tailored to your unique needs. With our assistance, you can have peace of mind, knowing your assets are protected and your loved ones are cared for.

Asset protection trusts (APTs) shield assets from risks like lawsuits, bankruptcy, and creditors. Typically irrevocable, APTs require a trustee to manage assets for beneficiaries, providing legal separation from the settlor’s personal assets. While APTs offer creditor protection, careful establishment and professional advice are crucial. Tax authorities scrutinize APTs for potential inheritance tax avoidance, necessitating compliance with tax laws and regulations. While APTs can safeguard assets, they are not entirely immune to legal claims or creditor actions.

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Inheritance tax (IHT) is a 40% tax on the value of an estate exceeding the threshold (£325,000). To mitigate IHT, individuals can utilize annual gifts, gifts out of income, potentially exempt transfers (PETs), lifetime gifts to certain trusts or individuals, business and agricultural property relief, and specific trust types. Seek professional advice to navigate the complex rules and stay informed of any tax law changes impacting your IHT planning.

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A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) grants authority to someone else to make decisions on an individual’s behalf if they become incapable. The two types of LPAs are Property and Financial Affairs, allowing management of finances and property, and Health and Welfare, enabling decisions about medical treatment and care. To create an LPA, the individual must have mental capacity, select a trusted attorney over 18 years old, and register the document. LPAs ensure personal wishes are honored and provide peace of mind, but they can only be used in incapacitation and are revocable if mental capacity remains.

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Probate is the post-death legal process in the UK where assets are distributed according to the deceased’s will or laws of intestacy. It involves identifying assets and liabilities, obtaining a grant of probate, settling debts and taxes, and distributing assets to beneficiaries. The complex process requires compliance with legal requirements to prevent delays and disputes. Executors and those involved should seek professional legal advice to fulfill their responsibilities effectively and lawfully.

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Our Will document storage service ensures the safekeeping of important legal documents. With secure storage containers or digital accounts, authorised individuals can access their documents anytime. Benefits include protection from loss or damage, accessibility during emergencies, and peace of mind for individuals and their families.

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A lifetime trust, also known as an inter vivos trust, is created during the grantor’s lifetime to transfer assets to beneficiaries. It offers control over assets, protection from creditors, tax planning benefits, and privacy. On the other hand, a will trust, or testamentary trust, is established in a will, taking effect after the testator’s death. It provides flexibility, asset protection, tax planning benefits, and privacy. Both trusts require careful consideration and professional guidance to ensure they align with individual needs and goals.

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Writing a will is crucial for ensuring that one’s assets and property are distributed according to their wishes after death. A will allows the testator to name an executor, specify beneficiaries, and set conditions for inheritance. By creating a will, individuals retain control over asset distribution, choose guardians for minor children, minimize family conflicts, and engage in tax planning. Seeking the assistance of a qualified attorney is recommended to ensure a legally valid will that accurately reflects one’s intentions and provides peace of mind for the future.

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Expert Estate Planning Solutions in the UK

We are an estate planning company dedicated to offering expert guidance and support to individuals and families throughout the UK. Our team of highly experienced professionals is committed to assisting you in developing a comprehensive and personalized estate plan that safeguards your assets and fulfills your specific requirements for the future.

Personalised and Holistic Estate Planning

At our firm, we understand that estate planning can be a complex and overwhelming process, which is why we take a personalised and holistic approach to every case. Our team works closely with you to understand your goals and concerns, and to develop a tailored strategy that addresses your specific needs and circumstances.

If you require help in will writing, trust creation, asset protection, tax planning, or any other aspect of estate planning, we are here to offer our expertise and resources. Our top priority is delivering exceptional client service and support. We aim to keep our clients informed, empowered, and confident throughout the estate planning process. With our guidance, you can rest assured that your assets and loved ones will be protected for the future.

For further advice on estate planning from experts that specialise in dealing with all aspects of estate planning, please contact us through our confidential online enquiry form or telephone 01327 317388

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